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Plural Forms of Nouns

Plural nouns in French, as in English, are normally formed by adding an –s: un garçon à des garçons Other plural endings exist for certain suffixes but these have some notable exceptions. –al à -aux : un animal – des animaux Exceptions: un  bal – des bals; un festival – des festivals -ail à -ails…

Nouns Taking Masculine and Feminine Nouns

Many nouns can take both a masculine and a feminine form. These nouns usually refer to humans and animals when distinguishing between their genders. Some nouns have different meanings (are different words) when masculine or feminine. *la Manche is also the French name for the English Channel

Gender of Nouns

There is no systematic rule that governs the gender of nouns in French. One has to therefore learn the articles that apply to nouns. There are, nevertheless, certain trends that are noteworthy. However, there may exist numerous exceptions in certain cases. Masculine Nouns The following categories of nouns are masculine nouns: – Names of males…