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This post will introduce you to some basic french conversations and vocabulary.

Listen to the recording while reading the dialogue below.

Stéphane et Amélie

Stéphane: Bonjour!

Amélie: Salut! Ça va?

Stéphane: Oui, ça va bien. Et toi?

Amélie: Ça va, merci.

Stéphane: Je m’apelle Stéphane. Et toi?

Amélie: Amélie.

You will hear the dialogue twice. The first time it will be read through in its entirety and the second time there will be pauses in the dialogue. Practice your pronunciation by repeating the phrases after the speaker.


Laurent et Madame Dumas

Mme Dumas: Bonjour, Laurent.

Laurent: Bonjour, Madame. Comment allez-vous?

Mme Dumas: Je vais bien, merci. Et vous?

Laurent: Très bien, merci.

French Greetings

We know that the way french people greet each other varies from culture to culture and depends on how well they know each other. For example when you see your best friend you may hug her to say hello, as opposed to an acquaintance to whom you may just nod your head in acknowledgement.

French people always make physical contact. Friends and business partners often share une poignée de main. If they are relatives or good friends they may embrace slightly or kiss each other on both cheeks.



Source: Rapport 5th edition

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