English B

Common Terms and Concepts in Literature

English Syllabus

English eBooks

Type A: Questions that require knowledge and study of one text.

Type B: Questions of comparison that require knowledge and study of two poems or short stories.



Four type A questions will be set

Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare

The Lion and the Jewel by Wole Soyinka


Two type B questions will be set

Selections from a World of Poetry (New Edition) by Hazel Simmons-Mcdonald and Mark McWatt

A Contemplation Upon Flowers by Henry King

Once Upon a Time by Gabriel Okara

Forgive My Guilt by Robert P. Tristram

West Indies, U.S.A. by Stewart Brown

Sonnet Composed upon Wesminister Bridge by William Wordsworth

Orchids by Hazel-Simmons Mcdonald

The Woman Speaks to the Man who has Employed Her Son by Lorna Goodison

It is the Constant Image of your Face by Dennis Brutus

A Lesson For this Sunday by Derek Walcott

A Stone’s Throw by Elma Mitchell

Test Match Sabina Park by Stewart Brown

Theme for English B by Langston Hughes

Dreaming Black Boy by James Berry

Death Came to see me in Hot Pink Pants by Heather Royes

Dulce et Decorum Est by Wilfred Owen

This is the dark time, my love by Martin Carter

Ol’Higue by Mark McWatt

‘Le Loupgarou’ by Derek Walcott

South by Kamau Brathwaite

Because I could not stop for Death by Emily Dickinson

Prose Fiction

Novel–Four Type A questions will be set

Frangipani House by Beryl Gilroy

Things Fall Apart  by Chinua Achebe


Short Story – Two Type B questions will be set from the ten named short stories.

Selections from A World of Prose (New Edition) for CXC by David Williams and Hazel Simmons-McDonald

Raymond’s Run  by Tony Cade Bambara

Shabine  by Hazel Simmons-McDonald

Emma  by Carolyn Cole

The Man of the House  by Frank O’Connor

Georgia and Them There United States by Velma Pollard

The Day the World Almost Came to an End by Pearl Crayton

The Two Grandmothers by Olive Senior

Berry  by Langston Hughes

Mom Luby and the Social Worker  by Kristin Hunter

To Da-duh, in Memoriam  by Paule Marshall


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