Prepare documents used in the purchase of goods and services

Purchase Requisition


The Purchase Requisition is the procedural method by which departments may request the purchase of goods and/or services which require processing by Procurement Services, usually because of the dollar value, the nature of the purchase, or the type of goods and services. Purchase Requisitions are entered into the Oracle Integrated System application.


  • Purchase of goods and services with dollar value $5,000 or greater, unless eligible for Demand Payment.
  • Purchase of any goods or services which are restricted from purchase on Department Purchase Order, Purchasing Card, or Payment Voucher.
  • Purchases which require the execution of a contract.

Note: The Purchase Requisition should NOT be used for purchases from Charlottesville area grocery stores or supermarkets.

Access to the Purchase Requisition

Entering the Purchase Requisition

Before submitting the Purchase Requisition:

  • Read and understand the Guidelines for Competition, so that you will know what type of competition is required for your purchase and what the requirements for it are.
  • If department is submitting bid quotes, be sure that you have the proper number of quotes, and that each quote is properly documented:
    • For the required DMBE-Certified Minority- or Woman-owned business quotes, phone quotes should be on the Phone Quote Summary form — the required fields are noted at the top of that form. You may also use a quote faxed, e-mailed, or mailed to you from the vendor, but the same information is required.
    • For other quotes, record the name of the vendor, the person giving the quote, the date obtained, and the precise dollar amounts for each item quoted. Use the Phone Quote Summary form if needed.
    • Save all documents which can be saved in electronic form on your PC.
  • If the requisition is for a Sole Source purchase, complete a Sole Source Justification form and save it on your PC.
  • If the requisition is for an Emergency procurement, and you have a justification document, save it on your PC.
  • If multi-color printing is required, complete a Request to Use Multi-Color Printing form and save it on your PC.
  • Obtain copies of any contracts that will need to be executed in conjunction with the purchase.

Submitting the Purchase Requisition In the Integrated System

  • Create and submit a Requisition per your Integrated System training and referencing Integrated System Navigation Instructions as needed.
  • You may specify a supplier on the Requisition, but unless this is a Sole Source purchase, Procurement Services will use this as a recommendation only.
  • Remember that you must enter all line items on the requisition. Quote sheets will not be accepted as substitutes for line item entry.
  • Line item descriptions must be complete enough that the vendor could fulfill the order from the information provided, even if that information is also provided in an attachment.
  • Attach any documents available in electronic form to the requisition in the Integrated System .
  • Do not submit the requisition for approval until you feel that it is complete. You will not be able to modify the requisition after it has been approved.

Paper Documentation

  • Mail or deliver to Procurement Services – Accounts Payablepopup all required paper documentation, such as contracts which must be signed, and any required documents which you were unable to attach in the Integrated System.
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