Explain the functions of staff involved in sales marketing and customer service

Marketing managers or officers are focused mainly on the practical application and management of an organization’s marketing operations. For marketing managers to be efficient and effective in performing their functions, they should have excellent communication and analytical skills. In small organizations, the marketing manager is in charge of the organization’s entire marketing activitiesand therefore handles formulating, directing and coordinating marketing activities so as to influence customers to choose the organization’s products over those of competitors.

Conducting Market Research

Marketing managers carry out market research to gain a clear understanding of what an organization’s customers really want. Marketing research enables these managers to identify new market opportunities, helping the organization create a market niche for its products or services. Market research also involves studying the organization’s competitors so as to develop superior products and employ efficient marketing techniques. Companies conduct market research using questionnaires, face-to-face interviews or analyzing the buying habits of consumers.

Developing the Marketing Strategy

Marketing managers are responsible for developing marketing strategies for their organizations. These strategies outline clearly how an organization will promote its products and services to its target market with an aim of increasing its sales volumes and maintaining a competitive edge over its competitors.

Customer Relationship Management

The marketing manager performs the function of championing customer relationship management in the organization. The marketing manager collects this information from the organization’s customer database to help create a customer satisfaction survey. Marketing managers then share this information with other employees to ensure they offer excellent customer service to their clients in order to build lasting relationships.

Employee Management

Marketing managers are in charge of the marketing department and therefore are responsible for employees within their department. They assign duties and set targets for departmental staff. It is also the function of marketing managers to perform periodic performance evaluations of the staff working for them.

Identifying New Business Opportunities

Marketing managers analyze market trends with an aim of identifying unexploited or new markets for the organization’s products and services. Through studying the purchasing patterns of consumers, they can identify the peak and off-peak demand periods for their products. By employing sales forecasting, they can estimate future performance of the organization’s products. Also through market analysis and forecasting, they can develop strategies to ensure the organization remains competitive.

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