Describe the functions of the procurement and inventory management office

Procurement & Inventory Management

In today’s globalized economy, the need to have a highly streamlined and efficient Procurement & Inventory management function is critical for the organization’s success. Procurement / Inventory management function in any organization has to ensure below listed key deliverables:

  • Support the timely procurement of quality-assured products in adequate quantities
  • Attain cost efficiencies in procurement and supply management activities
  • Ensure the reliability and security of distribution systems
  • Enable the monitoring of all procurement and supply management activities

Logesys has worked on multiple projects & delivered value to its clientele in the areas of procurement & inventory management. Business Intelligence applications and consulting services from Logesys helps to monitor and control the critical performance parameters such as

  • Inventory carrying cost, Inventory turnover ratios
  • Inventory velocity, Order Turnaround time
  • Suppler fill rate, Supplier Lead time variability
  • Shelf Life monitoring, Put Away / Pick Accuracy, Inventory accuracy
  • Storage space utilization, dedicated space handling, etc.
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