Outline procedures for sending and receiving parcels

The correct procedure for sending your parcel via courier

Many people send goods and other documents to their clients, colleagues, friends and business associates. Some also need to send parcels overseas on a regular basis. It is very important to select a reliable and trusted courier delivery service for smooth transportation of goods.

Growth in the courier industry
The internet has opened new avenues for the courier industry. With more and more orders being placed online, it becomes crucial for companies to see to it that the ordered goods reach the concerned individual in a timely manner. Ensuring that the goods are not damaged or broken is also the responsibility of the delivery service.

Tips on securing your parcel 
Businesses that send parcels overseas should take care of a lot of things before sending the parcel. Firstly, the parcel should be packed inside a sturdy container. A strong cardboard box can be used for heavier items while lightweight items like CDs and DVDs can be packed in a padded envelope.

Use proper padding
Always use plenty of padding or insulation to prevent any breakage of items due to improper handling or any knocks it may encounter. Use insulation material like bubble wrap or polystyrene to keep the parcel light in weight.

Correct address
After your parcel is properly packed, you need to put the correct label on the parcel. The label will typically contain accurate information about the sender as well as the receiver, because if there is a problem the parcel will be returned.

Select a trusted courier company
Once you are done with packing and labelling, you have to contact the courier delivery service to collect your parcel. They will come to your home or office and collect the parcel. You do not have to go anywhere to drop the parcel off. You can also send huge, oddly sized parcels through courier services which may not be suitable for the normal post.

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