Outline factors to be considered when seeking employment

1. Health insurance

Good companies will offer the best health insurance they possibly can to their employees. They will also offer some variety to suit individual employee’s health insurance needs. Check out the health benefits and read the fine print carefully.

Companies that offer unsatisfactory health insurance to employees might give the impression that they do not value employees health needs, and that’s up to you to discern. Nowadays, health insurance in a job is about as important as salary, especially if you have a family to think about. Kids medical bills are expensive!

2. Employee incentives

Companies that want the best for their employees typically provide different types of quality employee incentive programs. These companies may work with businesses such as O.C. Tanner to oversee things like employees recognition, rewards programs to the company, and the style of employees.

Incentives may include physical rewards, such as cash bonuses, gift certificates, electronics or customized items. Awards such as public, verbal, or written recognition may also be included in this.

3. Travel

Where do you need me to go? This is a question that any veteran applicant will make sure to inquire in an interview. If you’re not the biggest fan of driving hundreds of miles a week or flying to the next state every Friday afternoon, then you definitely shouldn’t be looking into a job that requires lots of moving around, as many management positions do. If you want to move around and explore new places, great! Employers want flexible workers.

Also make sure you know if it’s possible to work from home. The jobs that realize that work is work and results are what really matter know that an experienced hard worker can get stuff done from anywhere. If you’re interested in working from home, ask about it. These types of jobs can be very beneficial since it can help you to manage and reduce the amount of travel that you have to do, it can offer you more time to be around your family and it can offer you a slightly different working environment.  Be sure to explore this option if you think that it could work well for you.

4. Startup or Corporate?

This is a big one, because there are so many important factors involved. Startup companies typically offer exciting potential for massive growth, learning, real hands-on experience and a more flexible working environment, but they remove a large portion of job security. If you get in on the ground floor of a new startup, make sure you take the necessary precautions and preparations for a failed business, which is very possible. However, whether it works or doesn’t, working for a start-up can be a brilliant experience and the amount that you can learn can in some ways surpass the career learning that you can get in any corporate environment.

With a corporate job, the chances of the business failing completely is unlikely. Job security, benefits, and a steady workload are what you’ll typically find. It might not be as exciting to watch your stocks grow through the roof or to be in an entrepreneurial environment, but if you want the comfort of stability over a risky startup, make sure you know what you’re applying for. Corporates can offer you more structure and stability and sometimes a much clearer career progression path and so think about what you really want.

5. Company reputation

What appears to be an ideal position can quickly become much less so if the bosses are socially inept, professionally inept or abusive in any way. Investigate a company’s reputation by researching feedback or reviews online, and when possible, speaking to current employees. Discover what the work culture and environment is like.

Is it very strict and professional, or is there more of a relaxed atmosphere? Are there social events and do the various teams interact well with each other or not? You’ll get the most done and be the happiest in an environment that you enjoy and so think carefully about what makes a good working environment for you and make sure that the company you join meets those requirements.

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