Describe the services available for dispatching mail

Before despatching the mails, proper postage charges are calculated, depending on whether the posts are first class, or second class or recorded deliveries. Also to avoid any delays, I send the mails at the right time with the correct postage on it. Suspicious packages or mails are dealt with utmost care, and if found suspicious, it will be reported to the office manager, and recorded in the incident book at reception.

When handling mails I have to abide by and follow certain procedures.

  1. I first look through the mails for each department, and sort them out by size and class, and then find out the best method to send them – either normal or recorded.
  2. I then look at the weights and sizes and look for the costs. The weight can be looked up on the machine that is used to weigh posts.
  3. If for any reasons special deliveries through couriers are necessary, I will speak to my manager for authorisation and then to the office manager, and then we will make arrangements for the money to go out of our cost code. Otherwise the services used in our company are ___________ (removed for confidentiality purposes) .
  4. Where I see items that say first class recorded, I record all the details of the post including address of sender and receiver and do the necessary labelling for the urgent and recorded deliveries.
  5. Any mail packages that are heavier than the normal weight and bigger than the normal size, I use the machine used to weigh posts and parcels, and calculate the correct postages. For the rest of the mails, we have a chart which has costs according to size for both first class and second class delivery.
  6. Posts are franked accordingly for each department. So the costs for each department go on their relevant cost centres. For other recorded deliveries, the costs are logged in a book at reception.
  7. All posts are stamped and sorted and kept ready for despatching by 3:45 pm everyday. We have a member of the________ (removed for confidentiality purposes) crew, who comes in to collect the post from the building at reception, everyday.

Many problems can occur while handling mails and packages.

  1. All incoming posts and packages are stamped by company stamps at reception. Any mails from suspicious addresses or people or any packages that do not feel normal or look suspicious are left aside, without being dealt with.
  2. The suspicious mails and packages are reported to the office manager. The office manager and the administrators at reception log the incidents on the incident book, and take necessary actions. They will also make sure ____________ (removed for confidentiality purposes) is informed of the problems.
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