Prepositional Object Pronouns


1. ¿Los regalos son para mí o para ella? – The gifts are for me or for her?

2. ¿Lo dan a ti o a él? –Did they give it to you or to him?

3. A nosotros nos gusta ir al cine.  – We like to go to the cinema.

4. Yo estaba pensando en ustedes. – I was thinking about you all.

NOTE: To say “with you” and “with me” the preposition “con” is combined with “mí” and “ti” to form “conmigo” and “contigo”. For example:
1. Quiero ir al centro comercial contigo. – I want to go to the mall with you.

2. ¿Estás de acuerdo conmigo? – Do you agree with me?

NOTE: After “entro”, “excepto” and “según” the pronouns “Yo” and “Tú” are used instead of “mí” and “ti”. For example:
1. Entre tú y yo, será una fiesta. – Between you and me there will be a party.

2. Según tú, hay que ormer al menos 12 horas cada día. – According to you, we must all sleep at least 12 hours daily.

3. Todos están comiendo helado excepto yo.  – Everyone is eating ice-cream except me.

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