Indefinite Articles (un, une, Des)

Indefinite articles are used as ‘a’ or ‘an’ and ‘some’ in English. un is used with masculine nouns, une with feminine nouns and des for all plural nouns. However, indefinite articles may not be needed in French in some instances where usage is required in English, notably:

With occupations

e.g. Mon oncle est entraîneur de football = My uncle is a football coach

After the following words

Quel(le) – What

e.g. Quel  dommage ! = What a shame!

En tant que  –  As

e.g. Je vous conseille en tant que parent comme vous = I am advising you as a fellow parent

Ne…ni... ni – Neither… nor

e.g La fille n’a ni crayon ni stylo = The girl has neither a pencil nor a pen

Sans  –  Without

e.g. Les riches vivent sans souci = The rich live without a care

Nota Bene: Articles are often omitted in French when listing.

e.g. Nous avons vu beaucoup de fruits sur le marché: pommes, bananes, poivrons = We saw lots of fruit at the market: apples, bananas, peppers

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