CSEC Study Guide 1

In this study guide series, you will be given a PDF file which will contain concise revisions on different topics in different subjects. You can choose whether or not to download the particular study guide based on the summary provided in the body of the post here.

All the subjects below are in one file and cannot be separated.


Title: A Special Welcome

A summary of the topics to be looked at throughout the semester.

Office Administration

Title: Regaining Control 

A summary of the topics to be looked at throughout the semester and tips for success.

English Language

Title: Introduction to the English A Syllabus.

A short discourse on the importance of doing well in English Language and an introduction to the syllabus.

Information Technology

Title: Fundamentals of Hardware and Software

An overview of the computer system and its main components. Hardware, software and the data processing cycle are discussed.

Social Studies

Title: A New Beginning

An introduction and summary of the Social Studies syllabus.


Title: Review, Reinforce, Research

An introduction and summary of the geography syllabus and tips for success.

Principles of Business

Title: Starting Principles of Business

An introduction to and summary of the syllabus and the format for the CSEC exam.


Title: The Nature of History

A definition of the terms: history, primary source and secondary source, and a discussion on the importance of understanding the nature of history.

English Literature

Title: Laying a Solid Foundation

An introduction to the English Literature syllabus and a list of the plays, dramas and fiction to be studied. (Check with the current syllabus to see if the list in the guide is still relevant.


Title: Science Skills and SBA’s

An introduction to the Chemistry SBA and an idea of what is expected.

Principles of Accounts

Title: Preparing to study Principles of Accounts

A discussion on what to expect from the columns, how to use them weekly and a short definition of terms essential for a complete understanding of CSEC accounts.


Title: Mathematical Tools

An introduction to the items necessary for success in CSEC Mathematics.

The study guide can be found here.


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