Seed Structure

Seed Structure

Flowering plants may be monocotyledon or dicotyledon in nature. This will influence their seed structure and also the way the seed germinates. Monocotyledons have one cotyledon as the name suggests while dicotyledons have 2.

The structure of these two types of seeds may be seen before.

Structure of a red pea seed (monocotyledon)

Important parts of the seed

Testa (seed coat) – protective coat that surrounds the seed.

Hilum- scar showing where the seed was attached to the parent plant.

Micropyle – hole through which water is absorbed for germination to occur.

Cotyledon – stores food for the developing embryo. It develops into the first green leaves of the plant.

Radical – develops into the new root of the plant.

Plumule – develops into the new shoot of the plant.

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