Joints are located where two bones meet each other. There are two main kinds of joints:

1. Synovial joints– example: the shoulder joint and elbow joint. This is where two bones need to move freely. Ligaments hold the bones together (they stretch when the bones move). Lubrication for the joint is provided by the synovial fluid found between the bones. Names are given to these types of joints depending on the movement of the joint.

Example: hinge joint– bones that move in one plane (elbow joint is an example)

Ball and socket joint– circular movement of the bones/joint. (The shoulder joint is an example)

2. Fibrous joints– example: bones in the cranium of the skull. This is where bones are joined firmly by fibres as well as cartilage and only very slight movement (or none) can occur. These joints are called sutures. The cartilage with fibres is known as intervertebral discs.

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