Hyperbole and Irony

Hyperbole and Irony


This is the use of an exaggeration for emphasis.


On visiting Tivoli Gardens in Kingston Jamaica, after the onslaught between criminal elements and security forces, the state of the infrastructure far exceeded video clips of images in Iraq.

On reading the candidate’s speech, it was so well written; it reminded me of Dr. Martin Luther King’s, I Have a Dream, Speech.


The two most used types of irony are verbal and situational.

Verbal Irony

This case exists when the meaning of a word in a given context, is opposite to the literal meaning.


“Yet Brutus says he was ambitious; And Brutus is an honourable man.” ( Julius Caesar, by William Shakespeare)

Sarah and Jessie were sitting under an apple tree having brunch, when they realised Sarah was sitting in an ants’ nest. Jessie while helping Sarah to brush off the insects remarked, “Aren’t you the lucky one!”

Situational Irony

This occurs, when the actual outcome, is contrary to the expected outcome.


The fire station is on fire.

Someone choked to death on a ‘life saver’.


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