Functions of blood

Functions of blood

Since blood has several components and each of these components have a particular function, then blood serves the collective function of all its sub-units. In other words blood has 3 major functions.

1. Transport and distribution

-Transport the material content of the plasma

-Transport oxygen and carbon dioxide through the red blood cells.

2. Defence

This is mainly performed by the white blood cells. There are 3 main types of white blood cells:

Lymphocytes– These are responsible for the formation of anti-bodies

Granulocytes-These are responsible for engulfing germs

Monocytes– These have many functions such as replenishing Macrophages and response to inflammation.

The platelets also play a part in defence through the clotting mechanism.

3. Transport heat around the body

Metabolic activities produce heat. This heat is transported through the body through blood flow. This is important because enzymes in the body require an optimal temperature.

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