Difference between Plant and Animal Cells

Difference between Plant and Animal Cells

Plant and animal cells are both eukaryotic cells. However, there are distinct differences between the cells found in plants and those found in animals.

The differences between the two types of cells can be seen with a light microscope.  Below is a list of the major differences:

Does not have a cell wall,  irregular in shape Has a cell wall, regular in shape
No chloroplast present Chloroplast present
Small temporary vacuoles or no vacuole Large vacuoles located in the centre of the cell
Starch grains not present Starch grains present
The nucleus is usually located centrally Due to the central location of the vacuole, the nucleus of the cell may be located at the edge of the cell


Similarities between plant and animal cells:

-Both have a cell surface membrane that surrounds the cell.

-Both contain endoplasmic reticulum

-Both have cytoplasm

-Both contain ribosomes

-Both contain a nucleus

-Both contain mitochondria


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