Covalent bonding part 2

Covalent bonding part 2

Many non-metal atoms form diatom molecules like oxygen as seen in the previous chapter. These are shown below:

Diatomic Molecules Formulae
Oxygen O2
Chlorine Cl2
Hydrogen H2
Nitrogen N2
Fluorine F2
Bromine Br2
Iodine I2

Above we see that Nitrogen forms a diatomic molecule. We know that nitrogen possesses 5 electrons in its outer shell and needs a total of 3 electrons to have a complete outer shell. As such, each nitrogen atom will donate 3 electrons to the covalent bond to form 3 pairs of electrons or a triple bond. A total of 6 electrons will be shared and along with the remaining 2 outer electrons, will form a complete outer shell of 8 electrons.
This is shown below:

Where e is used to represent electrons.


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