Techniques of Selling

These are methods used to sell products more effectively by focusing on each customer’s personal needs. Selling techniques include:

1. Personal Selling

2. After-sale services such as warranty and installation

3. Merchandising

4. Good Customer Relations

Personal Selling

This is the use of sales persons to present and sell goods and services of a firm. Sales persons promote a firm’s goods directly to a specific consumer. They locate new customers, provide display services, demonstrate the use of products, deliver goods, collect payments and provide the firm with feedback

After Sales Services

Customers are entitled to these services once they have made a purchase.  They include delivery, installation and warranty. These services are free and therefore usually encourage consumers to buy.


Merchandizing refers to self service methods of sale. This is used in supermarkets and department stores. It allows for a better display of goods and creates a more comfortable shopping environment.

Good Customer Relations

Building good relationships with customers ensures customer satisfaction, repeat customers and recommendation to new customers. The sales staff must be trained in the principles of good customer relations. This entails, listening to customers being helpful and polite.

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