Personal Needs Satisfied Through Employment

Managers must be aware of the various needs of workers. If these needs are adequately satisfied through work, then workers will be motivated to improve performance.

Basic Needs

Employment is very important for the economic survival of individuals. If employees receive adequate pay then these needs will be satisfied. Some employees may also receive allowances and fringe benefits. Once the basic needs of survival (food, clothing and shelter) are met, employees will be aware of higher level needs.

Security Needs

A job should not only provide adequate pay to satisfy basic needs but it should also give workers security. This need can be satisfied through the provision of health benefits, insurance and pensions.

 Social Needs 

The employee spends on average eight hours each day at work. We are social beings and therefore need human interaction. This need can be satisfied by the establishment of after work activities and through a teamwork approach to accomplishing tasks.

Self-Esteem Needs

Managers can satisfy this need through promotion and ways of recognizing those who have performed well.

Self-actualizing Needs

This need is satisfied by giving subordinates opportunities to create and pursue innovative ideas so that they can realize their capacities to the fullest.

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