Packaging and Presentation of Goods

Packaging refers to designing and producing the container that holds the product. A good package must identify, protect and advertise the product. It must also make the product convenient to use. Therefore products such as toothpaste are best packaged in a tube as it has to be squeezed out.  Milk must be pored from its container. Egg containers are so shaped to hold them securely.

A package must also sell the product. It must first attract customer to buy. It must provide information about the product i.e. ingredients, amount of contents, price, the name and address of the manufacturer and instructions for usage.   The brand name is also displayed on the package.


A brand is any identifiable feature of a product which makes it different from its competitor. A brand may be a name, term, symbol, design or combination of these. Examples of brand names include: Avon and Colgate.  A brand symbol e.g.

represents the Nike brand.  A branded product will increase the value of the product in the eye of the consumer.

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