Methods used to gain an upper hand during Periods of Conflict

Workers organize themselves to collectively deal with conflicts. This is done through the trade union. A Trade Union is an organization of persons employed in an industry who have joined together in order to improve their wages and working conditions.

Methods used by Trade Unions 

1. Strikes

2. Sick-out

3. Work-to-rule

4. Go slow

5. Picketing

Methods used by employers during conflicts

Union busting

Union busting is the prevention by management of the formation of a trade union within its organization. The employer may explicitly state this to workers or covertly discourage its formation.

Lock out

A lockout refers to the refusal by an employer to allow workers into the business place during an industrial dispute. This is a means of coercing workers to comply with management.

Scab labour

This is a derogatory term used to refer to workers hired to replace workers on strike.

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