Methods of Retailing

There are several methods by which retailers can offer items for sale.

Community Shops and Convenient Stores

These locations tend to serve a particular community. Opening hours include all weekend days, holidays and very late in the evenings. Costs for some commodities that are not government controlled tend to be higher than other types of retail outlets. Community shops in particular cut and shape products to suit customers and offer credit.

Department Stores

These stores carry a several lines of goods under one roof. A department store may feature a clothing department, household items, stationery, hardware etc. It provides convenience to customers who can pick up several items in one place, and allows the businessman the cost effectiveness of operating several business entities in one location.

Mail Order

Companies that retail through mail order benefit from reduced operational cost of location and staff. Since display areas are not required only an office and storage facility are necessary for the operation of this business. Orders are made from catalogues and goods are delivered by courier or mailed to customers. This saves time and effort of consumers to visit shopping locations.


Orders are made by customers over the internet from the websites of businesses. Payments are also made over the internet. Packages are delivered by mail or courier.

Tele- marketing 

Tele –marketers introduce the company’s goods and try to obtain orders via the telephone.

Vending Machines

These self-service machines are placed at various locations by their owners. Customers are required to place the required funds inside these machines and are then instructed on how to make their choice. The machine then dispenses the product. This type of business is very cost effective as owners may only pay a fee for locating the vending machine.

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