Methods of Promoting Sales

Promotion includes all forms of advertising, public relations and sales promotion.

Advertising is the paid presentation of goods or services through the media for the purpose of encouraging consumer patronage. The media refers to television, radio, magazines, newspapers, billboards, websites etc.

The Purpose of Advertising

-to attract attention

-to inform customers

-to increase sales

Sales Promotion

Sales promotion is a marketing strategy that is used to induce customers to buy immediately.

Examples of sales promotion methods are:

a. A sale on items.

b. Bargain packs, e.g. ‘two for price of one’.

c. Coupons. These are printed in the daily newspaper or magazines. The holders of coupons

are allowed a discount on the items bought.

d. Games, e.g. guessing riddles

e. Contest. Purchasers may receive a prize if they are the winners of a contest.

f. Trading Stamps. These are given to purchases with each item bought. Booklets filled with

these stamps may be returned by customers for goods, services or money  in exchange.

g. Loss–Leader. A loss-leader is a product that is in high demand and is therefore used to attract consumers to a business location by cutting its price very low. The business uses a loss leader to attract large number of persons to its location so that other items will be sold. The profits lost on this product will be made up on the high sales turnover of the other products that will be bought along with the loss-leader.

Public Relations

Public relations activities are aimed at creating a favourable impression of a business in the eyes of the public. Public includes its customers, its suppliers, the government and the surrounding community. Public Relations activities include sponsorship of local sporting events, press conferences, and donations to charity.

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