Guidelines: Good Management & Staff Relations

Good management worker relationship is important for efficiency, productivity and the retention of staff.


Managers should not only give directives but encourage feedback from workers. Regular scheduled meetings should allow workers the opportunity to voice their concerns and views. Some managers have an open door policy making them available to all employees.


Money is not a motivator for everyone and therefore managers must find ways of encouraging workers to give their best performance. Other forms of motivation include recognition for a job well done. High performing employees can be motivated by promotion, and being named employee of the month. Allowing employees to be creative and bringing their innovative ideas to goods and services is also a motivator.


It is very important to handle all workers fairly without showing favouritism. If workers perceive that they are not being fairly treated or that there is favouritism conflicts may arise among workers and well as between management and workers.


Managers must show care when dealing with workers daily.  Workers are not machines and cannot be treated as such. Managers should try to understand each worker and their various issues. Workers may have challenges with illnesses, family, financial etc. which may affect their performance on the job.

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