Functions of Management


All managers must plan, that is, setting out steps for the attainment of future organizational objectives.  It involves formulating the policies and programmes for the firm.



Organization reduces cost, time, chaos and conflicts.  Managers must obtain all the necessary tools, machinery and personnel for each task and arrange all tasks so that they are done in the most efficient manner.



Managers must guide subordinates by giving them instructions to perform the tasks assigned.



Delegating duties involves giving others (e.g. supervisors) the authority to have specific tasks completed through the management of others. Therefore, supervisors will ensure that workers complete tasks assigned. Delegation reduces the workload of the manager.



Managers must continually measure the activities of subordinates, ensuring that all activities conform to plan.



Managers must bring together all the various organizational tasks so that the organization may function harmoniously.



Managers must inspire workers to perform their tasks well.

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