Effects of Migration

Migration is the permanent movement of workers from one location to the next in search of better opportunities.

Internal Migration

Migration within a country e.g  rural –urban migration. This is migration of persons from rural communities to the city areas.

External Migration

Migration of persons from one country to another – For example, the migration of Caribbean people to developed countries such as the United States and England.

Effects of Migration

Internal (Rural –Urban migration)

-The loss of persons from rural areas impacts on the level of output and development of these areas.

-It also impacts negatively on the level of commodities available for export form these regions.

-The influx of workers in urban areas increases competition for jobs, houses, health facilities, schools etc.

External Migration (Caribbean to developed countries)

-Professional and skilled workers who migrate reduce the level of skills available in their countries resulting in a brain drain effect.  This will impact on growth and development

-They increase competition for jobs, houses, health facilities and schools in their new territory.

-Money earned by Caribbean nations in foreign countries is sent home to support their families reducing poverty and making foreign exchange available for their respective countries.

-Caribbean professional and skilled workers contribute to the growth of developed countries

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