Characteristics of a Good Leader

A leader is someone who has been given authority over a group of individuals. His job is to motivate the group to achieve the goals set out for it.  Leadership is therefore about influencing or inspiring an organized group towards the accomplishment of goals. Below are the characteristics of a good leader.



It is important for a leader to posses this quality as it makes them trustworthy. They are perceived as honest and therefore command the respect of their subordinates.


Good communication skills

Leaders should be able to communicate effectively with persons at all levels of the organization. Manager must pass down directives as well as listen to workers opinions complaints and ideas. This will foster good working relations among leader and followers.



This is a very important characteristic for leaders. It refers to being rational and having good judgment when making decisions. Leaders are decision makers and therefore need to be intelligent.  This characteristic also refers to shrewdness and therefore describes someone who is smart, perceptive and wise.


Devoted and Committed

A leader must be a role model for others.  He/she should therefore believe in the goals of the group and motivate others to achieve it. His/her continuous hard work will portray dedication and loyalty to duty.

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