Summary Writing Exercise 2

Read the following passage carefully and then answer the question at the end of it.

Controversy continue to surround the administration of sport in this country. The latest controversy stems from a decision of the Football Association to play its two World Cup matches against Cuba not on a ‘home and away’ basis, but away from home in both instances. 

Now everyone knows that a team playing away from home faces several disadvantages. Therefore it follows that by this decision, our chances of even staying in the competition for at least the second round are considerably reduced. 

That is why the announcement of this decision by the secretary of the Football Association has started some rumblings which over the coming months could easily become a severe storm, taking the heads of the Secretary and the other officials in its wake. Letters have already begin to appear in the press about the disastrous effect that the playing of two games on an unfamiliar ground and on an unfamiliar surface can have on the local team’s chances. It is easy to remember that in 1966 the Trinidad and Tobago team played both of its matches against Surinam in Surinam, and the Trinidadians were booted out of the competition as they lost both games. 

Everyone knows that playing before a cheering home crowd makes the will to win quite strong. A packed stadium of supporters has inspired our players to achieve great heights in the past and can do so again. But when it is your opponents who are applauded for every try at goal, you tend to feel somewhat discouraged. 

The Secretary knows as well as anyone that in the Caribbean, playing away from home automatically involves air travel, which can be quite tiring, as well as hotel accommodation which can bring about sleeplessness or even ill health if the food and water prove to be unsatisfactory. Yet he would have us believe that we stand as good a chance as any of winning the World Cup. He must think we are all fools!

In not more than 70 words, summarise what the writer thinks are the disadvantages to the home team of playing both their World Cup matches away from home.


King, P.H, Writing Summaries and Statistical Reports. 1988.

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