Features of Religion


The medium of communication with the supernatural or unknown forces specific to the religion in question. Prayer may be performed quietly or aloud and may include formalised bodily postures and gestures.

Place of Worship

A building or other location where an individual or a group of people comes to perform acts of religious worship.

Belief Systems

Belief systems provide explanations for different aspects of life such as birth, growth, success, failure and death. These beliefs inform the official religious doctrines which translate into rituals. Religious beliefs vary across all religions.


Rituals consist of repeated formalised social behaviours that communicate sacred symbolic meaning to its members. For example: Catholic Mass and the Hindu cremation. Religious rituals convey unique meanings to its members and they may be interpreted differently by members of society.


This involves acts of religious praise, honour or devotion.


An item used to represent a religion or a concept in a religion. Religious symbols may be communicated verbally and behaviourally.

Sacred Writings

Text believed to originate from God or a god.


A supreme being thought of as holy, sacred or godly.


An important date or event celebrated and adhered to by a particular religion.

Rites of Passage 

Ceremonies associated with the major moments in life such as birth, marriage and death.


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