You Arrive in Barcelona, Spain

In this post we will be working through some basic speaking phrases, in the form of a scenario. The necessary vocabulary for the post will be at the end. Have you dictionary at hand or your notes if there is something you do not understand.


You are on your way to Barcelona, Spain for a vacation with your friend, Carolina. However, once you arrive at the airport, you receive a message in Whatsapp saying that something came up and she won’t be able to show you around. You are still allowed to stay in her apartment and the key is under the mat. She also messaged you her address and wishes you all the best on your vacation.

Here are some basic words to help you get started:





You manage to get a taxi. The driver says:

¿Cómo se llama la calle?

Based on what you read in your phrase book you have an idea about what he is asking for. You find the address in your phone and show it to him. On arrival he says:

Es aquí.

You pay and leave the taxi. You must find your friend’s apartment. There are many different apartments on the street. You stop at the first one you see. Luckily someone is leaving the complex, you stop them:


You show them the address. They ask:

¿Eres amiga de Carolina?

You respond:

Si. Soy amiga de Carolina.

She begins speaking to you excitedly and very quickly. You say to her:

No entiendo.

She laughs, and guides you into the building saying:

¡Pasa, Pasa!

You respond:


The person helps you get into the building and responds right before leaving:

De nada. Hasta luego.

As you walk up the stairs in the apartment complex you see these words on each successive floor:






Quinto is the floor that you want. You enter the apartment to see that someone is there. The female jumps up and grabs the flower vase on the end table beside the sofa and speaks anxiously:

¿Y tú quién eres?

¿Qué qui eres?

You recognise the first phrase from Spanish class and answer accordingly:

Soy amiga de Carolina.

She signs and says:

Perdón, Ah, bueno, bueno. Soy hermana de Carolina.


Perdón– Excuse me

Bueno– Good



¿Eres amiga de Carolina?– Are you Carolina’s friend?

Soy amiga de Carolina– I am Carolina’s friend.

¿Y tú quién eres?/¿Quién eres?–Who are you?

¿Qué qui eres?– What do you want?

Primero– First

Segundo– Second

Tercero– Third

Cuarto– Fourth

Quinto– Fifth

De nada– Your Welcome

Hasta luego– See you later.

Gracias– Thank You

¡Pasa, Pasa!– Come on in!

No entiendo– I do not understand.

Es aquí– It’s here.

¿Cómo se llama la calle?– What is the name of the street?

la calle– the street

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